Less Invassive Hip Surgery

Minimally invassive hip surgery at The Runnymede

Less Invasive Hip Surgery Inevitably, some soft tissue disruption occurs when a total joint replacement is performed. Over the last 5 to 10 years much research has been done into reducing the amount of soft tissue disruption when performing total hip replacement. The premise of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is to minimise this soft tissue disruption both with the skin incision and the dissection of the deeper tissues. There is no doubt that the initial pioneers, “overcooked” this principle and...

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Revision Total Hip Replacement

Revision total hip replacements at The Runnymede

What is revision hip surgery? Unfortunately not all hip replacements last forever. Very few hip replacements run into early problems. Most replacements wear out at a later date, requiring a revision of the hip replacement. Revision surgery is more complicated than a primary hip replacement and the nature of surgery required is different in every case. Occasionally an isolated socket or femoral stem can be replaced but in the majority of cases both components need to be revised. The duration...

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Hip Preserving Surgery

Hip Preserving Surgery at The Runnymede

What is hip preserving surgery? Most patients under the age of 60 who have hip arthritis have an underlying cause to explain why their hip has become arthritic. The most common causes for hip arthritis are trauma, avascular necrosis, hip dysplasia (abnormally developed hip), slipped upper femoral epiphysis (growth plate injury around puberty), Perthe’s disease (avascular necrosis of the femoral head), and infection. Hip preserving surgery is any procedure, other than joint replacement, which addresses the symptoms that the patient...

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Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacements at the Runnymede

Total Hip Replacement What is arthritis? What are the symptoms of a painful hip? What can I do to get rid of my hip pain? What about intra-articular hip injections? When should I consider having a hip replacement? What hip replacement is best for me? What is soft tissue balancing of the hip? What types of bearings are there? “Hard on polyethylene bearing”. Ceramic on ceramic bearing What are the possible complications of a total hip replacement? Will the operation...

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